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Colombia, Venezuela and Haiti are the most violent

Posted in El Universal, English, Written Press/Presse écrite/Prensa escrita on May 28, 2008 by haitiinthenews

The most violent countries in the hemisphere are Colombia, Venezuela and Haiti, and they are also among the most violent in the world, according to the 2008 Global Peace Index, a ranking that compares the nations in terms of peace that was released on Tuesday in London.

Iraq occupies the last position in the ranking of 140 nations prepared by the analysis division of British economic magazine The Economist, in close cooperation with an international expert team. More than 20 variables are considered in the probe, AFP reported.

In Latin America, Chile is the most peaceful country -19 in the list, and Colombia ranks 130 out of 140, with the highest levels of internal violence.

Venezuela ranks 123, Haiti 109, Honduras 104, Guatemala 103 and Ecuador 100. Variables in the ranking include violent crime, political unrest, number of police officers, number of murders, number of imprisoned people and access to weapons.,-venezuela_20A1592199.shtml